Quality Pressure Washing Services in Kennesaw, GA

Restore that original look. Guaranteed.

Our Pressure Washing Services

Cleaning your exterior spaces to make them look beautiful once more.

Concrete Cleaning

We can clean patios, driveways, and sidewalks with no damage to your concrete surface. We use sophisticated equipment to ensure every part of it will come clean.

Pressure Washing Driveway for Client Before and After
House soft washing before and after
House Washing

If your house is covered in unsightly green algae, mold, dirt, spider webs, and more, this is the service for you! We will make your house look clean with our low pressure cleaning process to ensure all organics will come off smoothly.

Stain Removal

Have some oil stains or others that won't come out no matter what you try? Try us! While we cannot guarantee the 100% removal of all stains, it will definitely look a lot better than it previously did.

Oil Stains on Driveway
Clean commercial building that has been maintained
Commercial Buildings

We offer a wide variety of services with commercial buildings. We can wash the buildings, take care of your concrete, and more.

Pressure Washed Driveway Before and After

About Our Pressure Washing Services

We are a college owned pressure washing business located in Kennesaw, Georgia. We are focused on bringing out customers quality work, but at an affordable price. We are looking forward to serving you soon.

Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Exterior Cleaning Packages

We go through every product with the respect it deserves and won't stop until you are completely satisifed.

- All of our employees are trained and certified

- Satisfaction guaranteed!

- Use all proper cleaning techniques

- Residential and Commercial Services

See What Our Customer Say About Us

Kathy Simmons

Great company. Owner communicates well and is very customer focused. Work is solid and pricing is reasonable. I will use again.


Had been meaning to get the fence and gate on our property cleaned up for a while Now and decided to call Aiden at Luxe and he came out same week. Looks nice and sexy again.

Nicky Brand

Affordable high quality service, also very professional. Would highly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Pressure Washing in the Greater Atlanta area.

Why should I choose you over doing the pressure washing myself?

Power washing can be dangerous for you and your home. Vinyl siding can easily be damaged with the use of high pressure like normal pressure washers provide. That's why we use a process called soft washing to ensure that your home is squeaky clean with 0 issues.

How does high pressure damage my home? How do you avoid it?

High pressure can cause etching in many surfaces used in a home, and those are marks on your property that will never go away. We use a technically called soft washing, which uses low pressure to ensure that it will not damage your property.

What areas do you currently cover for pressure washing?

Luxe Pressure Washing LLC currently covers:
- Kennesaw, Georgia

- Acworth, Georgia

- Marietta, Georgia

- Woodstock, Georgia

- Johns Creek, Georgia

- Alpharetta, Georgia

- Cumming, Georgia

And more! Please do not hesitate to ask us if we service your area.

Why do I need to pressure wash my concrete?

Concrete can last you a very long time, but can also get dirty like everything else! Exposed to the elements all the time, it will accrue dirt, mud, mold, and more. Pressure washing your concrete will make it look almost brand new, and reduce the cause of slips on a rainy day!

How often do I need to get my property pressure/soft washed?

We recommend, here in Georgia, that you get your property cleaned once per year. This will always keep your property nice and clean from any type of dirt and other materials accruing, and keep accidents at bay.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a wide variety of payments.
- Cash

- Checks

- Venmo

- Cashapp

- PayPal

- Zelle

- Credit/Debit Cards

- Apple Pay

If you have an alternative form of payment, please do not hesitate to ask us at any time.