Quality Pressure Washing Services in Kennesaw, GA

Restore that original look. Guaranteed.

About Us

Luxe Pressure Washing LLC are your local college students attending Kennesaw State University. We started Luxe Pressure Washing so we could bring good quality service, along with professionalism, at a reasonable price to the Kennesaw, Georgia area.

We are experienced, honest, professional, and will always be reliable for your needs. The owner does most of the fieldwork himself, and you'll probably catch him working on your property if he is home!

We use professional grade equipment with safe cleaners to get you the results you want on your property.

The Owner, Aiden Lee

I'm currently a student at Kennesaw State University, and the owner of Luxe Pressure Washing LLC.

My first commitment when I started this company was to always pay attention to my customers, with great service and quality. I also love educating people on things that they would like to learn, as it's a part of my job.

Please, always let me know directly if you've had any issues with our service, and we'll make it right within our satisfaction timeline. I look forward to serving you!