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Tennis Court Cleaning in Kennesaw, GA

A tennis court is always exposed to the elements. It's inevitable that it'll get dirty with things you don't like.

Surprising to some, you shouldn't put any pressure on tennis courts. Looking at the photo below, that's usually the results of doing so.

We use a specialized soft washing process that cleans the chemicals with low pressure used. This ensures that there will be no etching on your surfaces and your tennis court will be left looking like new!

What should you not do?

This will be an experience for some. Go to Home Depot in Kennesaw or Atlanta, rent a pressure washer, and get to work with the provided wand. A lot of people tend to use the wrong tips, and it can be a time consuming process. Even with the right tips, people with experience know just how tedious this task can become. The wand can also leave uneven marks, called striping. Some people think it looks even worse than it did before!

These lower end machines usually lack the water pressure and volume to attack some of these stains effectively. That's why we have industrial grade equipment to take care of it for you.

Also, be on the lookout for overly cheap competitors. While we are not bashing all of them directly, we have seen some of the irreparable damage that they have done to concrete before, which is the photo showcased to the left. It has been etched so badly that the only choice to move forward is to replace the entire tennis court if you'd like..